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Hotel Four Seasons
Kingston, Jamaica (6Y5) Station set-up
Station set-up

Here's how the station looked at my first hotel. I'm quite sure I used CT Contest software in DXpedition mode back then on that old DOS computer.
Hustler Whip

My Hustler mobile whips were used for a "go anywhere" antenna shown here hanging off the balcony.
Kingston, Jamaica (6Y5) Hustler Whip

Morgan's Harbor
Kingston, Jamaica (6Y5) Waiting for our ship to come in
Waiting for our ship to come in

We had some complications with a lot of our equipment held up in Jamacian customs. We spent a couple of days here at the hotel waiting.

Left to Right: Don, VE1A0E, Dave, KB4VLO and Vance, W5IJU.

World traveller Larry, NF6S, joined us.
Kingston, Jamaica (6Y5) Larry

Sailing for KP1
Kingston, Jamaica (6Y5) Morgan's Harbour from 300 yards out
Morgan's Harbour from 300 yards out

Finally we have everything loaded on board and leaving for Navassa.
Looking Back

Kingston, Jamaica from 10 miles out.
Kingston, Jamaica (6Y5) Looking Back
Kingston, Jamaica (6Y5) Contacts

A handful of contacts were made in the prefix contest while marine mobile. We used this R7 vertical antenna. From left to right: WJ2O, Toshi, JR8RUZ, and Vance, W5IJU.

Jamiaca Day Trip
Kingston, Jamaica (6Y5) A view of Kingston from the mountains to the north
A view of Kingston from the mountains to the north

Upon returning from Navassa Bob, K0IYF, and I took in a day trip to the mountains around Kingston.

This is a typical country schoolhouse in the Caribbean. They also double as hurricane shelters. They were built from donations from other countries. This one was Canadian built.
Kingston, Jamaica (6Y5) Schoolhouse
Kingston, Jamaica (6Y5) Roadside Vendor
Roadside Vendor

A typical roadside vendor found out in the country. Jamaicans are not real fond of having their pictures taken. This guy insisted that I owed him $5.00 for doing so.
Local Bar

What's a road trip without stopping at the local wattering hole?
Kingston, Jamaica (6Y5) Local Bar
Kingston, Jamaica (6Y5) Bar Talk
Bar Talk

Bob, K0IYF, fitting in with the locals.
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Dates: 23 to 27 March, 3 to 5 April 1993
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