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Four Seasons Accommodations:

A group of us hams were sailing to Navassa Island (see section on KP1). Kingston, Jamaica served as our point of embarkation.

Before we sailed to Navassa I stayed at (see picture to the left):

Hotel Four Seasons
18 Ruthven Road
Kingston 10, Jamaica

This hotel was very small (maybe only 20 rooms), but they were very accommodating. It was run by Germans, and it appeared that most of the guests were European.
Upon returning I stayed at:

Morgan's Harbor
Port Royal, Jamaica
(809) 924-8464

This is also where our ship "High Isle" docked, so we could board for Navassa. This hotel had a little more resort flair to it, a beach although I wouldn't swim there (see picture to the right), a pool, gift shop, and was a quick ride from the airport. It appears that most of the flight crews from the airport that have to overnight in Jamaica stay here.
Marina Beach
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