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The Operators
Xghajra, Malta (9H) The Shack
The Shack

I am in the backgroud with Paul, 9H1BT. Paul is the highly technical brains of the operation.
Gangsta's in a Parking Lot

John, 9H1XT
Marco, 9H5SN
Paul, 9H1BT
Orazio, IT9BTI
Xghajra, Malta (9H) Gangsta's in a Parking Lot
Xghajra, Malta (9H) Syncronizing their Watches
Syncronizing their Watches

In the forground are Steve, KL7SB and Marco, 9H5SN.
The Boss

Here's John, 9H1XT. He owns everything.
Xghajra, Malta (9H) The Boss
Xghajra, Malta (9H) Trying to Escape
Trying to Escape

Here you see Paul, 9H1BT, trying to go home but Orazio, IT9BTI, won't let him.
Hams in a Shack

Orazio, IT9BTI
Paul, 9H1BT
Marco, 9H5SN.
Xghajra, Malta (9H) Hams in a Shack
Xghajra, Malta (9H) 9H_Operators_Joe_9H1CG.jpg

Joe, 9H1CG

Orazio, IT9BTI
Xghajra, Malta (9H) 9H_Operators_Orazio_IT9BTI.jpg

The Antennas
Xghajra, Malta (9H) High Bands
High Bands

5 elements on 10 with 5 more for 15 meters.
Middle Bands

3 elements for 20 and the newly erected 2 elements for 40.
Xghajra, Malta (9H) Middle Bands
Xghajra, Malta (9H) By the Sea
By the Sea

Here is the 40 meter yagi pointed toward Moscow.
Low Bands

This vertical is shared for both 80 and 160 meters. I made a few 30 meter QSOs on it too.
Xghajra, Malta (9H) Low Bands

Raising the 40 Meter Yagi
Xghajra, Malta (9H) Final Assembly
Final Assembly

Getting the 40 meter yagi ready for putting in the air.
The Craine

Here comes the crain. Antenna assembly finished just in time.
Xghajra, Malta (9H) The Craine
Xghajra, Malta (9H) Tower First
Tower First

Putting the sections together.
Rotor and Mast

Xghajra, Malta (9H) Rotor and Mast
Xghajra, Malta (9H) Antenna is Next
Antenna is Next

Looks Good

Xghajra, Malta (9H) Looks Good

Important Ham Radio Poses
Xghajra, Malta (9H) The Gentry
The Gentry

For my friend Paul Gentry, K9PG.
The Dauer

For my friend Carsten Dauer, DM9EE
Xghajra, Malta (9H) The Dauer
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