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Abaco Island Our accomodations were at the 2nd home of Steve Rutledge, N4JQQ. He used to rent a very nice two bedroom, 2 bath cottage that came complete with a ham station. I communicated with Steve in February 2006 who tells me he sold this site.

Abaco Island is a stark contrast to Paradise Island. It is a very non-commerical, laid back and relaxing place to visit.

It was the easiest way to go on a Dxpedition that I knew at the time. Cheap airfare from most points in the US, a station already waiting for you and reasonable rental rates.

When you get a cab at the airport, you didn't need to worry about directions. I just told them I'm a ham radio operator and they knew right where Steve's place was. An interesting note is out by the airport I was surprised to find pine trees (I expected palm).

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