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I received an application from the ARRL and, as instructed, I set it along with a postal money order of $25.00 to the:
Radio Club de Chile
Nataniel Cox 1054
Casilla 13630 Santiago
Phone 02-696-4707

The application said to send two passport size photos. They sent them back saying they didn't need them along with a receipt for my fee. But no license.

Upon arriving in Santiago, I set out on the trek to find my license. I had no idea where to start, I spoke next to no Spanish and it was raining. Santiago is a beautiful city even on rainy days, complete with an excellent subway system and a rule that a cab fare can never be more than the US equivalent of about $1.50. I spent the entire day but I found the right place, learned a lot of Spanish words and the sun came out.

For those of you wishing to save time, get into any cab and ask to go to Amunategui 178 which is a corner building. On the 7th floor is the Ministry of Telecommunications. When you exit the elevators, go into the office on the left that has double doors. Once inside turn a little to the right and there is a small window that says "Radioaficionado" (this translates to Radio Amateur). Then gentleman spoke no English but understood "WJ2O". He went through a small pile of paper and to my surprise pulled out my license all typed, ready and paid for. I shook his hand and set back to the hotel with a feeling of accomplishment.
CE3/WJ2O License
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Dates: 11 to 14 September 1995
Callsign: CE3/WJ2O