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Santiago, Chile (CE) Operating Position
Operating Position

The hotel provided a very unique curved desk that made a perfect operating table. Too bad my antenna was minimal.
My Tour Guide

This is Gerardo. He claimed he was a student and was hitting me up for cash on the street for food. Not only did we go to lunch together I hired him to be my tour guide for the day. He knew about as much English as I knew Spanish so communication was comical at times.
Santiago, Chile (CE) My Tour Guide
Santiago, Chile (CE) The President's House
The President's House

Here I am in front of the President's House happy that it had stopped raining.
Plaza de Armas

This is a popular plaza (spanish for park) which is very popular in Santigo.
Santiago, Chile (CE) Plaza de Armas
Santiago, Chile (CE) Shops

In Santiago there are plenty of small shops around.
More Shops

Santiago, Chile (CE) More Shops

Flying Over The Andies
Santiago, Chile (CE) CE_Andies1.jpg

When flying over the Andies Mountains, they are so high you feel that they are going to reach out and touch the airplane.

Santiago, Chile (CE) CE_Andies2.jpg
Santiago, Chile (CE) CE_Andies3.jpg

Santiago, Chile (CE) CE_Andies4.jpg
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