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Easter Island Airport This was my second DXpedition that was with a group besides KH1. All others have been solo. There were several participants for this one.

The trip was organized by Bob, KK6EK and Carlos, NP4IW. A second team headed by Carlos operated from Salas y Gomez using the callsign XR0Z during the Easter Island operation.

Besides ham radio, our expedition also comprised of a team of divers who were not hams.

The front of the airport on Easter Island.
XR0Y Tents The first night on the island our flight arrived late so we stayed in Hanga Roa (the main town) at a place known as the O'Tai Hotel. The next morning we set up a rather large camp in the Northwestern section of the island. This was a coastal location known as La Perouse Bay.
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La Perouse Bay, Easter Island (CE0A) - Summary

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Dates: 3 to 10 September 1995
Callsign: XRØY