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Dublin, Ireland (EI) The River Liffe
The River Liffe

The entire city grew up around this river. Shops and pubs line both sides.
My First Lunch

Tired and hungry after my arrival I order a bowl of fish soup.
Dublin, Ireland (EI) My First Lunch
Dublin, Ireland (EI) Trinity Capital Hotel
Trinity Capital Hotel

My first hotel in Dublin is in the Trinity District. A tiny room in Dublin at the Trinity Capitol Hotel.
Jazz Singer

Dublin, Ireland (EI) Jazz Singer
Dublin, Ireland (EI) Oak Smoked Salmon and Organic Salmon Pie
Oak Smoked Salmon and Organic Salmon Pie

And a Guinness.
Father and Daugher Band

Dublin, Ireland (EI) Father and Daugher Band
Dublin, Ireland (EI) Another Pub
Another Pub

You can't possibly hit them all.

Guinness Storehouse
Dublin, Ireland (EI) Big Gate
Big Gate

This is the entrance to the Guinness Storehouse. Apparently storehouse was the name for brewery some time ago.
Small Barrels

You walk through several floors of displays.
Dublin, Ireland (EI) Small Barrels
Dublin, Ireland (EI) Factory Schematic
Factory Schematic

Here are the secret plans so I can now make my own beer at home.

Different bottles of this fine brew.
Dublin, Ireland (EI) Bottles
Dublin, Ireland (EI) Tasting

Here you learn the proper method of pouring and tasting a Guinness.
A Guinness A Day

Fine words to live by.
Dublin, Ireland (EI) A Guinness A Day

Dublin, Ireland (EI) Waterford Crystal
Waterford Crystal

Stopped in Waterford to take in this factory tour.
Cutting the Glass

Here a worker is carefully cutting the grooves in a goblet.
Dublin, Ireland (EI) Cutting the Glass
Dublin, Ireland (EI) Different Types of Glasses
Different Types of Glasses


You can load up on all the fine crystal you need . . . for a price.
Dublin, Ireland (EI) Showroom
Dublin, Ireland (EI) Champaign Anyone?
Champaign Anyone?

This is the world's tallest crystal glass.

Blarney Castle
Dublin, Ireland (EI) Long Line
Long Line

It took about two hours to get through the Castle.
Blarney Dave

Dublin, Ireland (EI) Blarney Dave
Dublin, Ireland (EI) This is the Spot
This is the Spot

Looking from the ground up at where the Blarney Stone is.

Dublin, Ireland (EI) Closeup
Dublin, Ireland (EI) Musicians

Inside the castle.
Climing the Stairs

Dublin, Ireland (EI) Climing the Stairs
Dublin, Ireland (EI) Kissers

Blarney kissers of all ages.

Dublin, Ireland (EI) Blarney_Kissers2.jpg
Dublin, Ireland (EI) Blarney_Kissers3.jpg

This guy missed the stone completely because he didn't go down far enough.
WJ2O Kissing

Now this guy hit the mark.
Dublin, Ireland (EI) WJ2O Kissing
Dublin, Ireland (EI) Blarney_Dave_Stone2.jpg

Trying to get back up and it started raining.

The Mobile Station
Dublin, Ireland (EI) My Station
My Station

Audi Quattro A7 Rental.

The antenna mounted to a side door very nicely using a trunk lip mount.
Antenna Close-up

The Little Tarheel II.
Dublin, Ireland (EI) Antenna Close-up
Dublin, Ireland (EI) Hooking to the Battery
Hooking to the Battery

The battery for these A7s is under the driver's seat. But, they give you these jumper points under the hood.

Said easily in 2 sentences but it took me 2 hours and a lot of web surfing to figure out!
Station Layout

Dublin, Ireland (EI) Station Layout
Dublin, Ireland (EI) Operating

This was taken on a hilltop outside Galway at the start of the IARU contest.

Dublin, Ireland (EI) EI/WJ2O/M
Dublin, Ireland (EI) On The Road
On The Road

Listening to 20 meter CW while driving. Watch out, I might be heading for your QTH.

Dublin, Ireland (EI) Falls Hotel, Ennistymon
Falls Hotel, Ennistymon

This is the front entrance of the hotel.
The Lobby and Reception Area

Dublin, Ireland (EI) The Lobby and Reception Area
Dublin, Ireland (EI) Ennistymon Falls
Ennistymon Falls

Internet in this hotel was only available here in the bar. I managed to make the best of that hardship.
Fueling Up

The rental used diesel and as you can see had a pretty large tank. Filling 76 liters at around a Euro and a half per liter is a lot of money. However, I have been driving for 5 days and this is my first fill up.
Dublin, Ireland (EI) Fueling Up
Dublin, Ireland (EI) National Roads
National Roads

This image shows a typical main thrufare on the West side of Ireland. Even though the speed limit is 100 km/h, you don't go that fast when your road shoulders consist of stone hedge rows.

Back to the U.S.A.
Dublin, Ireland (EI) Aer Lingus
Aer Lingus

My transportation back to JFK.

Prior to returning here I spent two days in Northern Ireland. You might want to see the section for GI.
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