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I packed up the rig, some wire and an antenna turner and headed off to this beautiful island nation.

You can see from the photo that the I set the antenna turner out the window. I had a big problem with RF in the shack. I really didn't have a good ground nor resonant antenna.

Packing for the trip I just grabbed the MFJ Tuner out of a box in my garage without testing. On the island it would not work. After opening it I see that it had been modified. Almost simutaneously my memory came back that I had burned this tuner out on 160m during my trip to North Caicos (VP5) 10 years ago! With a few more heavy modifications (I didn't bring a soldering iron) I was able to make it somewhat useful.

Also, forgetting to bring any ferrites, I could not arrest a lot of the RF from affecting my electronic devices.

I could make this story shorter by simply saying that I did not have the best set-up on this trip. However, considering all the things that could go wrong, I did alright.
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