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To get to St. Barth's you need to go through Phillipsburg, St. Maarten. This country has been remembered from a vacation 20 years ago as my least favorite Caribbean nation. They didn't let me down on this trip either. The Dutch side of St. Maarten, in my opinion, is one pain-in-the-butt place to visit. Even when you're just passing through.

My apologies and sympathies to the fine French citizens who are unfortunate to have to share this island on the northern half.

Puddle Jumper It's a sad day when we have to board this plane from St. Barth's and return to the U.S. They did a good job cramming 8 of us into this 8 seater for the 10 minute flight back to St. Maarten. I was disappointed when I learned that no cocktails would be served on this flight.
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