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This was the first time I ever got to take advantage of my frequent flyer miles. The programs the airlines offer really do work and I received this flight absolutely free!

I planned to operate the IARU contest from the home of my friend Leonce, FM5DN. This savef having to bring down a lot of equipment. However, I brought along my Kenwood TS-940 anyway.

I stayed at the Hotel la Bateliere. It was a fine hotel but a bit on the expensive side. It would have been too fancy to set up a ham station, so it's a good thing I was not planning to.

They were obviously suffering from the same bad economic climate as the rest of the Caribbean. Out of approximately 100 rooms, I'll bet no more than 20 were rented. You didn't have to worry about overcrowding at the pool or the beach. Oh, about the beach . . . it was topless . . . I was speechless!
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