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Omaha Beach
Trinity, Jersey Island (GJ) Omaha Beach
Omaha Beach

For your collection Paul, the "Gentry" on Omaha Beach.
A monument at the top of Omaha Beach.

Trinity, Jersey Island (GJ) A monument at the top of Omaha Beach.

Jersey Shore
Trinity, Jersey Island (GJ) Jersey Shore
Jersey Shore

I don't know? Somewhere on the Jersey Shore looking for Snookie. If you squint your eyes you can see Guernsey on the horizon.

St Helier, Jersey
Trinity, Jersey Island (GJ) At St Helier, Jersey.
At St Helier, Jersey.

Let me guess . . . this is a Jersey?

Breakfast Time
Trinity, Jersey Island (GJ) Full English Breakfast
Full English Breakfast

Full English Breakfast. I couldn't identify everything. And what the heck is black current jam?

Parking Ticket
Trinity, Jersey Island (GJ) First British Parking Ticket
First British Parking Ticket

Within 2 hours of hitting the island yesterday I was blessed with my first British parking ticket. I think my wife called ahead?
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