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Getting There
Volcan, Panama (HP) So Far So Good
So Far So Good

I've made my first hop from Syracuse to Newark. Enjoying a libation while waiting for my overnight flight to Panama City.
Panama in the Morning

Now all I have to do is get on this flight to David.
Volcan, Panama (HP) Panama in the Morning
Volcan, Panama (HP) Here we are
Here we are

Just arrived in David.
Here's Jay Waiting

My first glimpse of Jay as I was in the baggage room.
Volcan, Panama (HP) Here's Jay Waiting

The Station
Volcan, Panama (HP) Plug 'n Play
Plug 'n Play

I just come into the shack, plug in my K3 and laptop and I'm on the air in minutes.

Here's the other angle
Volcan, Panama (HP) HP_Station_Dave.jpg
Volcan, Panama (HP) Amplifiers

Plenty of RF here

Volcan, Panama (HP) Working Hard
Working Hard

Here's Jay tuning the 160m cage antenna.
Tower 1

SteppIR for 20 through 6 meter and the 160m cage.
Volcan, Panama (HP) Tower 1
Volcan, Panama (HP) Tower 2
Tower 2

2 Elements on 40 and 4 on 6 meters.
Delta Loop

I stole this image from Jay's QRZ.com page.
Volcan, Panama (HP) Delta Loop

About Town
Volcan, Panama (HP) Grocery Shopping
Grocery Shopping

A fully stocked grocery store as you would expect at home.
La Carbonera Restaurante

Quite an assortment of fine restaurants.
Volcan, Panama (HP) La Carbonera Restaurante
Volcan, Panama (HP) Mana Restaurante
Mana Restaurante


Excellent local lager.
Volcan, Panama (HP) Enjoy
Volcan, Panama (HP) HP_DaveJay.jpg

Dave, WJ2O and Jay, HP3AK
Lots of hams live here

Kirby, KC1BSJ and Azel, WD0CAE.
Volcan, Panama (HP) Lots of hams live here
Volcan, Panama (HP) Rex and Me
Rex and Me

Ever Important Ham Radio Poses
Volcan, Panama (HP) The Gentry
The Gentry

The Dauer

Volcan, Panama (HP) The Dauer
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