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We stayed at the Gem Holiday Beach Resort at Morne Rouge Bay. This is not a very fancy hotel but it is clean and inexpensive. For hams, this location ranks an absolute zero. You are on the side of a large mountain that blocks out Europe. Also, this hotel has a "make-shift" satellite cable system which is very TVI prone. My hours of operation were extremely limited due to this problem.

Gem Holiday Beach Resort Each room had a phone but it was hooked to an outdated PBX system that wouldn't allow me to connect my computer to E-mail. The hotel office had their "special fax line" which would have worked but they wouldn't let me use it as they "wouldn't know how to charge me." The people were very friendly just as long as I only wanted to eat, sleep, drink and swim. They sure didn't want me to do anything else.

The temperature was extremely hot every day (about 95 degrees Fahrenheit) with hardly any ocean breeze. I thought this was unusual for an island nation.

Most of the islanders seemed very ambitious. They practically all had jobs and worked hard to keep the island looking beautiful.

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