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This was a quickly planned Dxpedition and I was not properly organized. I encountered a number of snags. The two main ones were the tube for the amplifier had a short in it. As soon as I applied the high power it emitted a fireworks display and promptly blew the fuse. I enjoyed watching this happen another two times until I ran out of fuses. I was very careful with the tube as I had it in it's original shipping carton and hand carried on the plane but it must have gotten rattled somehow.

The second problem was the antenna. The resort had so much lavish vegetation that there was not clear spot for me to place it. A kink in the tubing provided an interesting 20 degree bend in the top few sections.

After returning home many said, "I never heard you." I wasn't surprised.

Windjammer Landing
Villa Beach Resort
P.O. Box 1054
Labrelotte Bay
St. Lucia, W.I.
Phone: (809) 452-0913
Fax: (809) 452-0907

We stayed at Windjammer Landing in Labrelotte Bay. This excellent resort hotel was a tad on the expensive site and a good thing we only stayed 8 days. It's nice that the CQ World-Wide contest falls on a holiday weekend for the United States as most travelers say home.

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Dates: 21 to 29 November 1995
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