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We were a group of nine operators being organized by our leader Vance, W5IJU. (I learned in 2005 that he is now silent key.) We set up two camps, the upper camp was in the lighthouse ruins which had been nicknamed by hams a long time ago as the Navassa Hilton. The lower camp was down by Lulu Bay and the famous ladder. Each camp had it's own 5000 watt generator.
The operators at the upper camp were:
    Vance, W5IJU, team leader
    Don, VE1AOE, our satellite guy
    Bob, K0IYF (now N0RN),
        he loved 160
    Dave, KB4VLO (now N9DI),
        a friendly southern voice
    Dave, WJ2O, a general nuisance

The lower camp operators were:
    Larry, NF6S (now W4UAT),
        excellent CW op.
    Jun, JH4RHF (also KH2S),
        pile-up expert
    Kumiko, JR4DUW (also KH2W),
        1st YL on KP1
    Toshi, JR8RUZ, digital modes

The Navassa Hilton
We had a Jamaican crew who did an excellent job of getting us there, ferrying equipment to the island and toting it up the hill. They also prepared our meals.
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Dates: 28 March to 2 April 1993
Callsign: W5IJU/KP1 and NF6S/KP1