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Group photo aboard ship just as we're saying "good bye" to Jamaica in the background.
From the left: Don (VE1AOE), Bob (K0IYF), Larry (NF6S now W4UAT), Vance (W5IJU team leader now SK), Dave (KB4VLO now N9DI), Toshi (JR8RUZ), Dave (WJ2O), Jun (JH4RHF) and Kumiko (JR4DUW).

Photo was provided by Larry, NF6S.

Most of our participants travelled together and entered customs as a group. Apparently it overwhelmed the customs officials who ended up confiscating most all the equipment putting it in lock-up. It took 3 days of negotiations (using greenbacks) to get it back. That's why we had a late start for the island.

I happened to travel individually and although I had lots of questions during the customs inspection, I was allowed to pass with everything in hand.
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Dates: 28 March to 2 April 1993
Callsign: W5IJU/KP1 and NF6S/KP1