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Licensing: Visit the telephone office which they call "Tele." Jacob Peterson is the granter of permits, a very nice guy but a non-ham and doesn't speak English. Ask for Palle, OX3BV if you get in trouble. He works there in another department and speaks excellent English. The fee was 185 Danish Crowns (33 USD). You may apply by mail or in person. They were overly accommodating. I knew my plane was going to get there late on a Friday night after their office was closed. They told me that it was no problem, I could operate with the call OX3/WJ2O over the weekend and come pay for my license on Monday morning.
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Nuuk, Greenland (OX) - Licensing

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Dates: 8 to 13 July 1994
Callsign: OX3/WJ2O