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Leaving from Ottawa Canada
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Ottawa

This is the First Air terminal in Ottawa.

Here is the First Air jet that took us from Ottawa to Iqualuit in Northern Canada.
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Ottawa

Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Iqualuit Terminal
Iqualuit Terminal

I remember thinking this building looked like a submarine on stilts.

Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Iqualuit
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Iqualuit

Inside the terminal at Iqualuit.

Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Arrived at Nuuk
Arrived at Nuuk

The guys took care of my luggage for me.
Nuuk Airport

This is the front of the terminal building.
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Nuuk Airport
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Hotel Hans Egede
Hotel Hans Egede

This is where I first stayed in Nuuk. This is the only hotel in Nuuk.
Outside the Window

Here is the view from the hotel window.
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Outside the Window
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Housing

Even though there are many multi-family dwellings, there is still a big housing shortage.
Nuuk Prison

Being a prisioner in Nuuk is a bit different that what you may be used to. There are no fences, no guards. The prisioners get up and go out into the community to their jobs during the day and then come "home" to prison.
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Nuuk Prison
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Prision
Prision "Cell"

Finn Jakobsen, OX3JX, is the prison warden. On my second day he checked me out of the hotel and moved me into the prison. Here was my cell.

Here is the sea while standing next to the club station's tower.
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Seascape

Club Station
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) OX3NUK Club Station
OX3NUK Club Station

This is Finn Jakobsen, OX3JX, and Rene.
OX3NUK Club Station

This is Finn Jakobsen, OX3JX with Dana.
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) OX3NUK Club Station
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Operating Bench
Operating Bench

Inside the club station was very modern and spacious.
My Equipment

My Kenwood TS-940 and Computer.
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) My Equipment
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Extra Power
Extra Power

A little extra signal boost if the time might require it.
VHF Room

This is the VHF Room inside club station OX3NUK.
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) VHF Room
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Get Together
Get Together

Still inside the club station there was this comfortable area where we all got together and chatted a bit.

This is the tri-bander at club station OX3NUK.
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Tri-bander
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Satellite Antenna
Satellite Antenna

This is the satellite antenna with the surrounding neighborhood.
From The Street

Here is a typical street in Nuuk where you can see the ham shack and the towers on the hill.
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) From The Street
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) The Street
The Street

Here is a street walking back from the club station to the hotel.

Boat Ride
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) The Boat
The Boat

This is the prison boat that we took a ride on.

Dana and Rene coming down the dock.
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Boarding
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) The Captain
The Captain

Finn was the boat captain.
The Fjord

Nuuk, Greenland (OX) The Fjord
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Iceberg

You come across small icebergs even in July.

Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Fueling
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Inside the Boat
Inside the Boat


Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Loading
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Nuuk by the Sea
Nuuk by the Sea

Here's what the capital city looks like from the water.
Boat Yard

No shortage of pleasure craft here.
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Boat Yard

Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Telephone Office
Telephone Office

I had a nice tour of the telephone office during my visit. This is where you get your license.
Tour Guide

Jacob Petersen, manager and my tour guide.
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Tour Guide
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Telephone Operators
Telephone Operators

Rows of Switching Equipment

Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Rows of Switching Equipment
Nuuk, Greenland (OX) Antennas

Satellite, Microwave and VHF.
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