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Princess Beach Hotel and Casino
Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd.
Curacao, Netherland Antilles

This hotel was very nice about letting me place my vertical on the top of their 5 story "tower" building. I was visited one morning by two officials from Landsradio while we were at breakfast. The hotel manager was in a tizzy as she thought I was in trouble plus she couldn't locate me quickly. The officials were very nice stating that their visit was routine and tried to calm the hotel manager down. They said that they used to inspect every visiting ham's installation, but budget restraints have made that impractical.

They stated that they were on the hunt for a "source of interference" and spotted my antenna from the road. I asked if it was voice modulated or morse code, as I operate code almost completely. They didn't answer. They asked me to tune up on a couple of bands so they could take power out and reflected power readings. My SWR was very low which seemed to make them happy. After showing them a copy of my license they thanked me for my time and were on their way.

Princess Beach Hotel
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