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Suwalki, Poland (SP) The President's Residence
The President's Residence

Out front of the President's residence (Polish equivalent to the White House). The umbrella guy is Henryk, SM0JHF.
Roman, US5WDX

Roman is from the Ukraine but we spent the last couple of days here in Warsaw together. We both were also on Clipperton Island together and we're giving this presentation about that trip to a group of hams here. This is the home of Marian, SP5EWX, and we had a great barbecue here (Polish sausage, of course).
Suwalki, Poland (SP) Roman, US5WDX
Suwalki, Poland (SP) Dave The Projector Operator
Dave The Projector Operator

Speaking in Polish, Roman did all the talking while I handled the a/v equipment.
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