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The Hotel
Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) My Luggage Has Arrived
My Luggage Has Arrived

The Kenwood in the silver case, everything else in the other.
All Set Up

WJ2O very happy that everything works.
Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) All Set Up
Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) The Bed
The Bed

Place where WJ2O's hat slept.
The Dipole

Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) The Dipole
Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) Kris, TF3KM
Kris, TF3KM

In the background you see my "shack away from home".
The Buffet

This buffet was featured at the hotel.
Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) The Buffet
Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) Another Buffet Shot
Another Buffet Shot

I still want to return to Iceland to enjoy the pickled herring. I have not been able to match the quality and flavor anyplace else in the world.

Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) Bragi, TF3BRT, and Runar, TF3RJT
Bragi, TF3BRT, and Runar, TF3RJT

Siggi, TF3CW and WJ2O

Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) Siggi, TF3CW and WJ2O
Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) Bjarni, TF3GB and Kris, TF3KM
Bjarni, TF3GB and Kris, TF3KM

Boggi, TF3TF

Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) Boggi, TF3TF
Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) The Whole Gang
The Whole Gang

TF3GB (Bjarni),
WJ2O (Dave),
TF3BRT (Bragi),
TF3DX (Villi),
TF3KM (Kris),
TF3T (Sveinn)

Around the Town
Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) Southern Fried Chicken
Southern Fried Chicken

Southern Iceland that is.

Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) Hallgrimskirkja

The Hallgrimskirkja is a Church of Iceland parish church. This photo is from my hotel balcany.

You can see that the church stands very prominetly in the Reykjavik skyline.
Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) Skyline
Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) Very Tall
Very Tall

Here I am at the front door looking up.
The Altar

Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) The Altar
Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) A Smaller Organ
A Smaller Organ

This was located near the altar.
The Klais Organ

This is above the front entrance. I was fortunate to experience the sounds of this as a woman was practicing during my visit.
Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) The Klais Organ

Vestmannaeyjar Island
Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) Plane from Reykjavik
Plane from Reykjavik

I decided to take a day trip to a island that suffered from a volcanic activity not too long ago. It's called Vestmannaeyjar Island (Westman for short).
Westman Airport

Here we are after arriving on the island.
Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) Westman Airport
Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) Our Guide
Our Guide

This is Pall Helgason, a native of Westman Island and our tour guide for the day. We all boarded this bus and took off.
The Volcano

We are standing on a volcano that has engulfed half the town. Down by the bus is the other half of town.
Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) The Volcano
Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) TVI

Apparently the TVI is so bad here you can sit down, enjoy a Pepsi and just watch the "TVI Sturin'".

Ok, bad attempt at ham radio humor.

They have a very nicely protected seaport.
Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) Seaport
Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) Cargo

Fish, and plenty of it, ready for export.

Flying Home
Reykjavik, Iceland (TF) Greenland from the Air
Greenland from the Air

Flying Iceland Air back to JFK we caught the Southern edge of Greenland.
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