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  Trip Statics Report
This was supposed to be my first DX contest experience with an amplifier, however, I turned into a QRP entrant real fast. I re-routed the output of the Kenwood exciter board and connected it directly to the antenna so at least I had a few hundred milliwatts. The contest was a bore with only 59 contacts and QST incorrectly listed my results as low power and not QRP. Anyway, I won the low power category for V2

During the following week I got on from time to time. I was very amazed at home many people could hear me with such a pip-squeak amount of power. I made another 300 contacts.

Kenwood TS-940 Transceiver
Yaesu FL-7000 Amplifier
Tandy 1400 HD Laptop Computer
Heathkit Micromatic Keyer
Butternut Vertical
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Dates: 10 to 19 February 1992
Callsign: V2/WJ2O