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A DXpeditioner's worse nightmare happened on this trip. I blew the finals in my Kenwood during the second day on the island. Fortunately I made 700 QSOs staying up the night before so at least I had something in my log. An odd quirk happened while I was out. When my laptop computer automatically went into screen saver mode, it keyed the COM port which caused the CT contesting software to key the rig. I don't know how long it was keyed down, but when I got back to it, I had no power. The moral to the story is that you shouldn't walk away from a rig with the VOX button pressed in.

Halcyon Cove
Halcyon Cove Beach Resort
P.O. Box 251
St. Johns, Antigua, W.I.
(809) 462-0256

This was a very nice place to stay and operate. The hotel was very accommodating to my needs as a ham. The room had both 120v and 240v outlets. They didn't understand what I was up to, but they let me do it. You should have heard the conversation as I was trying to explain to a friendly security guard why my HF equipment wouldn't "come in" on his UHF hand held. The hotel location is on the North West corner of the Island which favors propagation back to the United States.
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Dates: 10 to 19 February 1992
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