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Sept-iles, Quebec, Canada. Two stations were set up, one at the local club station which was right on the edge of town and another at a chalet about 15 miles NE of Sept-iles. We drove North with a van chucked full of equipment and antennas. We permanently installed a Mosley beam at the club station with a lot of help from the local hams.

John Operating at the club.
John operating at the club.

Station 1 (Club)
Yaesu FT-1000 Transceiver
Alpha 87A Amplifier
Toshiba Portable 386-SX Computer
K1EA Voice Digitiser
Mosley PRO-37 Beam
1/4 Wave Dipoles on 40 through 160
3 Beverages with K2ZJ Beverage Box

Station 2 (Chalet)
Kenwood TS-940 Transceiver
Alpha 76A Amplifier
486 DX Laptop Computer
Home-Brew Voice Digitiser
Mosley TA-33 Beam
HF2-V Butternut Vertical with 160 add on coil
Beverage with K2ZJ Beverage Box
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Sept-iles, Quebec, Canada (VE - CQ Zone 2) - Operating

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