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Accommodations: We stayed at the ham station rental that is offered by Dave and Dorothea Mann, VP2EHF and VP2EE. It is attached to their home in Anguilla.

Dave and Dorothea Mann
P.O. Box 599
The Valley
Anguilla, West Indies

(809) 497-2150 Phone
(809) 497-3557 Fax

I recommend that you rent a car so you can tour the island. The rental place next to the airport offers one for the week for about $230.00 (US). If you have a valid US drivers license they can issue you an Anguillian license for a $6.00 US fee. As is with former British Colonies, the driving is on the left.
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Little Harbour, Anguilla (VP2E - Trip 1) - Summary

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Dates: 16 to 23 February 1994
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