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This was the first of what is turning out to be a series of trips to Turks & Caicos. This one to North Caicos where I had to bring my entire station as nothing was set up for me.

ACCOMMODATIONS: We stayed at the Hollywood Beach Condos in Whitby. This was a single building split into four condo units. It was very quiet and peaceful with no telephones or televisions and you are just a few steps from the ocean beach. You are facing to the north which is perfect for making contacts with the United States.

There was plenty of room to erect any antennas you desire. I put up the vertical in the sand toward the beach with a huge array of ground radials. Also, from the base of the vertical I strung out a quarter wavelength of wire for 160 meters and another quarter wavelength along the sand in the opposite direction. This worked wonders as I made over 200 QSOs on that band during the contest.

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Dates: 12 to 19 February 1997
Callsign: VP5/WJ2O