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Mobile Set-up
Jelgava, Latvia (YL) The Battery Connection
The Battery Connection

Outfitting the rental car.
The Engine Compartment

Running the 12 volt line through the engine compartment.
Jelgava, Latvia (YL) The Engine Compartment
Jelgava, Latvia (YL) The Back Seat
The Back Seat

Somewhat of a mess.

Jelgava, Latvia (YL) yl_car_BackSeat2.jpg
Jelgava, Latvia (YL) The Driver's Seat
The Driver's Seat


Ok, car, we're going places.
Jelgava, Latvia (YL) Finished

My First Radio Stop

Near Jelgava, Latvia
Jelgava, Latvia (YL) Big Yellow Fields
Big Yellow Fields

Telescopic Antenna

Once parked I can attach my telescopic antenna to the screwdriver coil. It helps me get out.
Jelgava, Latvia (YL) Telescopic Antenna
Jelgava, Latvia (YL) yl_Mobile_Computer.jpg

Jelgava, Latvia (YL) yl_Mobile_GPS.jpg
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