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Getting There
Asuncion, Paraguay (ZP) Packing

This is my garage where I was trying to be very stratigic with the packing for my South American trip.

ZP5RG QTH in Asuncion
Asuncion, Paraguay (ZP) Car Port
Car Port

Front Entrance

Asuncion, Paraguay (ZP) Front Entrance
Asuncion, Paraguay (ZP) Bedroom

Living out of suitcases. I guess I should have tidied up a bit before taking this shot.
Backyard Patio

Asuncion, Paraguay (ZP) Backyard Patio
Asuncion, Paraguay (ZP) Malcom's Wordworking Shack
Malcom's Wordworking Shack

ZP5RG at his station

Asuncion, Paraguay (ZP) ZP5RG at his station

Trip to Caacupe
Asuncion, Paraguay (ZP) The Basicilica of Caacupe
The Basicilica of Caacupe

The pope visited and gave a service here in 1987.
Malcom's Street Machine

Malcom was very proud of his Montero. The spring loaded seats made an otherwise bumpy ride very smooth.
Asuncion, Paraguay (ZP) Malcom's Street Machine
Asuncion, Paraguay (ZP) Doug's Street
Doug's Street

We visited the home of Doug and Dani Woolley who are ZP6CW and ZP6CU.
Doug, ZP2CW, Station

Doug seated comfortably at his home station
Asuncion, Paraguay (ZP) Doug, ZP2CW, Station
Asuncion, Paraguay (ZP) ZP6CW, WJ2O, ZP6CU

Doug, Dave and Dani

Doug, Dani and Malcom
Asuncion, Paraguay (ZP) ZP6CW, ZP6CU, ZP5RG
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