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St. Kitts and Nevis Holiday Vacation with CQ World-Wide CW Contest

St. Kitts and Nevis Map
For the American Thanksgiving Holiday this year my wife Chris and I are going to first travel to Puerto Rico (KP4) and stay a few days. I have no plans to operate from there.

Then we will continue on to Basseterre which is on the Island of St. Kitts (V4). We have rented a villa on the side of a mountain south of the Capital City of Basseterre and plan to set up the radio.

The V4 operating dates are 26 November to 2 December 2014 with the contest running over the weekend.

Front View of V47JA Villa
The photo above is the front view of the villa rented by John, V47JA/W5JON. More information about renting can be found at Calpso Bay Resorts 'Villa J'.
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