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Personal Stuff

My parents were blessed with a baby boy while living in New Jersey in 1956. Since age 2 have lived in Central New York State. My wife Chris and I have two lovely daughters and four grandchildren.

I have owned an operated a commercial printing business for 25 years which was sold in 2004. For several years I have taken to computer programming to the point where I changed careers in 2000 and went full time. Today I write software using several languages, build websites and do database work on a contract basis from

Oldest daughter Jaime at the 1995 Dayton Hamvention.

License History

I was first licensed as a novice in 1970 with the callsign WN2NRK. Upgraded to general class two years later changing my callsign to WB2NRK. During the years I was raising my two daughters and trying to make a business grow I was inactive in ham radio. In the mid 80’s my interest was rekindled. I took my exam for an advance class operator, and then extra a couple of months later. At that point I received the callsign WJ2O.

Being a regular operator in Canada (it’s less than a 2 hour drive from home) I took the advanced class exam in Kingston, Ontario and was assigned the call VE2NRK.

XYL Chris posing next to our street machine while on Bermuda Island (May 1995).

My Operating

Contesting is a great thrill. Especially when I’m operating from a DX location. To date I have operated from from several countries. You can read more about my trips in the DXPeditions section.