Dutch St. Maarten

Dutch St. Maarten


Operating FS/WJ2O in St. Marten in 2013.

ARRL DX CW on Dutch St. Maartin 2015
My wife and I will be visiting with friends on Sint Maarten next February. Just happens to be on the same weekend of the ARRL CW DX Contest. I will be QRV on 10 through 40 meters from February 18th through the 24th. The contest dates are on the weekend the 18th and 19th. Outside the contest I can usually be found on the CW WARC bands.

We’ve been to Sint Maarten many times as Princess Juliana International Airport is the major hub to many other local smaller islands. And, just a little over a year ago we were there while visiting the French side. However, I have never operated from PJ7.


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freONE ISLAND/TWO COUNTRIES: Since the Treaty of Concordiva in 1648 the island was split in two with the French on the North and the Dutch on the South. Even with this treaty signed, the borders have been changed 16 times up until 1816 and have been stable since.

The Dutch side has developed into a highly commercial tourist attraction full of night life where the French have preferred to establish a more laid back and quiet atmosphere.