VP6DF-Pitcairn Island & FO/WJ2O-Tahiti

VP6DF-Pitcairn Island & FO/WJ2O-Tahiti

Announcement:  I have just booked a trip to Pitcairn Island  and Tahiti in the Pacific.  First stop will be Pitcairn Island from May 30 – June 10th.  Fiji from June 12- June 15th.  QSL VIA  N2ZN and LOTW.



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April 21, 2024

Based on this Google Earth map, I am going to operating at a very high location on the island. There might be a bit of shadowing from the mountain on the NW which is the direction to the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

Operating site for VP6DF

March 24, 2024

A lot has come together for this trip over the weekend. Now I know who is going with me and who is not. It turns out I’ll be solo again. My dates on the island are 30 May to 10 June. I may know my (VP6) callsign very soon. I’m going to be low power and probably 100% CW. I have some time to decide on an antenna. Thinking of taking my homebrew vertical that I built for KH8 but need to figure out a mod so I could add the low bands (80 & 160).  I have a place to stay that’s up high on the island. Should have a good signal. Pictured is the ship that takes me from one of the Gambier Islands to Pitcairn. It’s a 2 to 3 day cruise. I will not now be operating from Gambier nor the ship. I do plan to spend a few days in Tahiti on my way home and will operate there (12 to 15 June). My CEPT callsign is FO/WJ2O but I have put in to the French authorities for a special call.

March 3, 2024

I’m working on a trip to VP6 (OC-044). Hope to be on 10 through 160 with 100 watt CW only. Expect to be QRV from FO as well (either Tahiti OC-046) .  I’ve been in conversation with Meralda ,VP6MW, who has been very helpful. Anybody wishing to donate equipment to her for the great job she does keeping the island active, let me know and I’ll see if I can pack it. QSL via N2ZN and will be using LoTW. Dates to be determined.

How you get to Pitcairn Island from Tahiti.