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Three Couples Event on Montserrat Three couples will be visiting Montserrat in the beautiful famed Gingerbread House. AI2N, Redd and Susan N2ZN, Ken and Julie WJ2O, Dave and Chris We [...]


Guadeloupe for CQ World-Wide CW Contest Plans are in place for my XYL and I to spend a week on this lovely island in November. I will operate in the [...]

Malta, 9H6A

Going to spend a week on the Island of Malta in the Mediterranean. This will include being a member of a multi-multi team operating the CQ World-Wide Phone contest. Quick [...]

Heard Island, Antartica

Getting ready for Antarctica. At this point the trip has been pushed off until March 2016. Stay tuned, anything could change. Lots of details to work out. The official website [...]