NYQP 2009

NYQP 2009

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WJ2O and AI2N At the Start

Leaving WJ2O’s QTH. How far would you ride with a pair like this?

AI2N Herkimer

AI2N Logging them in. Herkimer County at 55 mph.

Beautiful Adirondaks

A lot of great Adirondak views.

Operator Position

Back seat operating position.

WJ2O Operating

WJ2O at the operating position.


nyqp_2009_County_Sign_Hernyqp_2009_County_Sign_Hamnyqp_2009_County_Sign_Warnyqp_2009_County_Sign_Clinyqp_2009_County_Sign_Fra nyqp_2009_County_Sign_Stl