3D2 – Nadi, Fiji

Dates: 13 to 19 July 2018

Callsign: 3D2FD

/3D2 – Nadi, Fiji
3D2 – Nadi, Fiji 2019-05-13T05:46:03-05:00

I spent my last week of my South Pacific Tour on the wonderful Island of Fiji. I stayed near the airport at The Aquarius on the Beach Hotel which is on the West Coast near the City of Nadi.

WJ2O Hotel Room on Fiji
Room 200. Upstairs. That’s were WJ2O Stayed and operated 3D2FD

The Antenna

The 5Z4 5-band vertical antenna designed by OZ7AM
Here is the 5Z4 5-band vertical antenna designed by OZ7AM.
Feed point of the 5 band vertical.
The antenna feed point

The Hotel

Enjoying a beer at the hotel.
First arrival from the ship. Time to catch up on the internet and enjoy a local brew.
The Pacific Ocean Beach at Aquarius on the Beach.
Pacific Ocean Beach at the hotel
Hotel entertainment
Fine entertainment at the hotel.
Just a short walk from my hotel is the Island Surf Beauty & Spa where you can get a great massage by somebody like Rita here.
Island Surf Beauty & Spa

Shopping in Port Denarau

Port Denarau Market
A visit to Port Denarau to see how the rich VKs/ZLs (Australians/New Zealanders) live.
Getting my haircut.
Haircut in Port Denaru
The Hard Rock Cafe Port Denaru
Everybody has to have one of these.
Inside this Hard Rock is a fellow ham’s guitar, Joe Walsh, WB6ACU.
Joe Walsh Guitar at the Hard Rock Cafe in Port Denaru

Visiting Nadi

Downtown Nadi, Fiji
Nadi is Fiji’s second largest city located on the West side of the island. The largest and Nation’s Capital city is Suva situated in the Southeastern part.
The market.
Nadi, Fiji Market

Gotta Eat . . .

Sitar Restaurant Nadi, Fiji
I ordered way too much food at the Sitar Restaurant in Nadi.
At the pizza shop next door.
Fiji Pizza


3D2FD Gentry
3D2FD Gentry
3D2FD Dauer
3D2FD Dauer

Going Home

Fiji Airline Counter
Waiting at the airline counter
This jet will return me to Los Angeles.
Fiji Airline Jet

3D2 QSL Card Front

3DA0, 3DAØ, Swaziland, Dave Farnsworth, WJ2O radio dxpedition, Ham radio, qsl card

3D2 QSL Card Back

3DA0, 3DAØ, Swaziland, Dave Farnsworth, WJ2O radio dxpedition, Ham radio, qsl card

Antoine de Ramon N'Yeurt, 3D2AG, at his home station in Suva.Antoine, 3D2AG, is a valuable resource to get your license. He lives right in the capital city of Suva. I recommend you contact him for information on the process.

Telecommunications Authority of Fiji provided a license to operate 3D2FD.

Station 3D2FD

WJ2O Operating as 3D2FD in Nadi, Fiji

Traveling the South Pacific

The last leg of the trip is spent on the Island of Fiji where the ship from Baker (KH1) dropped us off.

South Pacific Travel Map