KH6 – Ocean View, Hawaii

Dates: 23 to 30 November 2011

Callsign: KH6/WJ2O

KH6 – Ocean View, Hawaii 2024-04-06T14:16:13-05:00


My wife and I enjoyed a beautiful stay on two different islands in Hawaii.
Here I am at the controls of KH6RC’s ham station.
More information can be found about this location at The Leilani Bed & Breakfast.

Leilani Bed & Breakfast

Leilani Parkway

From the road (Leilani Parkway)

Leilani Parkway Front entrance

Front entrance

Randy, KH6RC and Lynn

Our hosts
Randy, KH6RC and Lynn made our visit quite enjoyable.

Chris at breakfast

XYL , Chris at breakfast.

Southernmost Point

Southernmost Point, USA Kalae

Beautiful weather in Hawaii

At the moment this shot was taken everybody in the United States was North of us.

goofing around in Hawaii

My usual self.. just goofing around.

Ham Shack

Ham Shack in Hawaii

Ham Shack with mobile parked underneath.

Operating position in Hawaii

Operating position.


Four square on 40 mts

SteppIR Yagi

SteppIR Yagi

tower and rooftops with the SteppIR Vertical

Rooftops. Another shot of the tower and rooftops with the SteppIR Vertical in the background.

Volcano National Park

Volcano National Park

Chris vs. The Volcano
The park is about 50 miles from the B&B. With many wonderful sights in between.

Rare type of vegetation, Hawaii

Rare type of vegetation

Heading back to Oahu

After a week on The Big Island we are heading back to Oahu. The Terminal Gates are all outside.

Hilton Hawaiian Village

Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki

The lobby. Checking in for our room. Going to spend the next 6 days here at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki.

Ocean view, Hawaii

Ocean and beach. The view from the 12th floor.

Balcony view, Hawaii

Balcony view.

Beautiful Balcony view, Waikiki

Balcony view.

Koi fish pond

Koi fish pond
Well stocked and colorful

Ukulele shop, Waikiki

Ukulele shop. Many small specialty shops around.

Beautiful mountains, Waikiki

In the morning the clouds are into the mountains

City scape, Waikiki

City scape
Waikiki is a large city

Poolside, Waikiki

At the poolside. I’m not sure what time it was but I think it’s near Beer Thirty.

AI2N in Waikiki

I couldn’t resist doctoring this room number for my ham friend AI2N.

Pearl Harbor

Band playing at the entrance

Band playing at the entrance.

Submarine memorial

Submarine memorial.
A separate stone has been placed for every submarine lost at sea during WWII.

USS Bowfin

USS Bowfin

On the deck, Waikiki

On the deck.


Down we go.

Torpedo room

Torpedo room.

Captain´s quarters

Captain´s quarters.

Officer´s bunks

Officer´s bunks.

Officers Mess Hall

Officers Mess Hall.

Chris is taking her for a spin

My XYL, Chris is taking her for a spin.

deck cannon

On deck cannon

Crew bunks

Crew bunks.

Crew mess hall

Crew mess hall.

Engine room

Engine room. One of two engines on this sub



Radio room

Radio Room.

Battleship row at Ford Island

Battleship row at Ford Island. USS Missouri to the left with the sunken USS Arizona on the right.

Arizona Memorial

Approaching the Arizona Memorial

gun turret

The #1 gun turret. It sticks above water with most of the ship remains below

Oil of battleship

Oil still seeps from the battleship.

Inside of Arizona Memorial

Inside the memorial

Arizona Memorial Wall

Memorial Wall. The names of the sailors are on the wall at the end of the memorial

USA flag

The flag still waves.

USS Missouri Memorial

USS Missouri Memorial

In Airplane

Airplane mode.
Dead tired and heading for home.


KH6/WJ2O QSL Card front
KH6/WJ2O QSL Card back


There are no special requirements for licensing provided you have a valid US operating license.

Trip Statics Report



Icom 756 Pro III
(I forgot the name) Amplifier
SteppIR Yagi
Four square on 40
SteppIR Vertical for 80


At Kona Airport lots of people have written terms of endearment using white rocks against the black lava rock. You can see them as you come into land.

Travel Route