9X – Kigali, Rwanda

Dates: 24 to 31 January 2019

Callsign: 9X2AW

/9X – Kigali, Rwanda
9X – Kigali, Rwanda 2019-03-17T14:09:37-05:00
Kanyinya Hills Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda
About 1800 meters above sea level North of the Capital City of Kigali, Rwanda is the Kanyinya Hills Hotels. It was the site of this Africa DXpedition.

You can see the main road back to the city.

Here is Harald, DF2WO, at his operating station in his hut. I joined this experienced African DXpeditioner visiting for a week of his 40 day stay.
Harald, DF2WO, operating 9X2AW

The Antennas

9X2AW HexBeam
Hexbeam for 10 through 20m.
The verticals for 80 and 160m .
9X2AW Verticals

The Hotel

The Hotel Reception.
The Reception Desk at the hotel.
Like all the other staff, the hotel guard was very friendly.
The Hotel Guard
Hotel generator
The local utility had a low voltage problem. When they were running this generator things were better.
This was my hut.
WJ2O Hut in Rwanda
WJ2O Ham Radio Station in Rwanda
My station.

Food, Food, Food . . .

WJ2O Salad
Let’s start with a big salad.
I don’t remember what this was but I remember it was good.
WJ2O Rwandian Dinner
More salad
Another night, another salad.
Peppered Steak
WJ2O Peppered Steak
WJ2O Fish Stew
Fish stew over rice.
This local beer was very good.
WJ2O with Local Beer
DF2WO Enjoying His Beer.
Harald, DF2WO, enjoyed the beer as well.
Harald’s family joined us on my last day.
Party with Harald's Family


Rwandian Gentry
Rwandian Gentry
Rwandian Dauer
Rwandian Dauer

Back at the Airport

Airport Road Sign
Which way do we go?
This picture might have been nice if that tree had not grown up so fast.
Kigali Airport Sign
Kigali Airport Security
Airport security was very strict.
Inside the terminal doing the waiting game.
Kigali Airport Terminal
Flying to Entebee, Uganda
Our first flight was a hop to Entebee, Uganda to pick up some additional passengers.

Because I never left the airplane and put my feet on the ground I cannot count Uganda for my DXFC count (see dxfc.org).

9X2AW QSL Card

9X2AW Rawanda QSL card

Charles Wilmott, MØOXO

Here’s the deal with getting a license. Give yourself plenty of time (3 months). E-mail in the application with all the requirements. If you don’t hear back from them in about 2 to 3 weeks. Something went wrong, try again.

Where I went wrong is I didn’t hear back but assumed no problem, I’ll visit the office when I get there. Well, they said they never got my request and it takes them a week to process a new application. They were very kind when they said I could operate using Harald’s callsign.

Rura Outside, Kigali, Rwanda
A nice corner building in Kigali is where the licensing happens.

Harald, DF2WO, waiting at the door for me to stop taking pictures.
Rura Front Door, Kigali, Rwanda

Rura Inside, Kigali, Rwanda
Upstairs is where the action is.

Dave’s Equipment
Elecraft K3
Dell Inspiron Mini Laptop
Heil Headset
Little Tarheel II Screwdriver Antenna
Ameritron SDC-102 Antenna Controller
MFJ 1979 Telescoping Whip

Dave operating 9X2AW
Dave operating 9X2AW.

Harald operating 9X2AW.
Harald operating 9X2AW

Traveling to Kigali, Rwanda

9X, Kigali, Rwanda, WJ2O Travel.

Brussels Airlines was used for the two main flights.  Jet Blue got me to JFK.