J8 – Arnos Vale, St. Vincent

Dates: 9 to 20 February 2020

Callsign: J8/WJ2O

/J8 – Arnos Vale, St. Vincent
J8 – Arnos Vale, St. Vincent 2020-09-22T12:46:47-05:00

Beachcombers Hotel

Staying at the Beachcomers Hotel in the S.E. corner of St. Vincent. Here at the reception we meet this lovely lady.

The Beachcomers Hotel is a lovely place down a hill to be right on the water with an excellent staff that takes care of you and a full service restaurant.


Hairoun Beer: 9.3 oz., 4.8% alc., made in Kingstown, St. Vincent.
Happy Hour priced 3 for 12 EC. So 4 EC each which is 1/3 of a USD making them $1.35 each. Like the old days drinking O/V splits for a dollar.

Getting the equipment together at home

Preparing for my radio trip that starts next Saturday. Each time before I leave I get everything together and make sure it works.
This is the exact same set-up I used on Isle of Man last July. Even though this was less than a year ago it takes me about a week to search through my office, shack and house for all the cables and parts.

The screwdriver antenna works great in the snow.

Day trip up the East Coast

In the Southeast corner with the airport in the background.


Chris being helped up the stairs by our friendly driver.

Day trip to the Island of Bequia

Our transportation.

A piece of Bequia with St. Vincent in the mist. 9 miles.

Port Bequia

When on Bequia please stop at Mac’s Pizza

Helping the local economy by drinking everywhere in site.

Ham Radio Poses

J8/WJ2O Gentry

J8/WJ2O Gentry

J8/WJ2O Dauer

J8/WJ2O Dauer

J8/WJ2O QSL Card Front

QSL produced by:Cheap QSLs

QSL Via: Ken, N2ZN



J8 – Travel

Getting there is real easy. We drive to Toronto Pearson International Airport which flies directly to Argyle International Airport on St. Vincent.