I – Schmuders, Italy

Dates: 30 June 2015

Callsign: I/WJ2O and I/K2KAR

I – Schmuders, Italy 2024-04-03T12:52:14-05:00

Italy was the ninth of 10 DXCC Entities that we visited during our Central Europe Trip. Total QSO Statistics for Italy can be seen here.

Italy map

We were located on the northern part of Italy, just across the border with Lichtenstein.

Day Trip to Italy

Village in Italy

We made it through the Alps into Italy…

Mountains in Italy

…the villages are lovely but we want to climb mountains…

Beautiful mountains in Italy

…so our GPS sends us in this direction…

Flains village in Italy

. … and we start climbing. Half way up we come across this village called Flains. You might think this is a one syllable word but it’s pronounced Fla-ney-is. Anyway, keep driving…

Smudres Italy

…now we make it to Schmuders …


…this is pretty much as high as we’re going but people actually live here…

Schmuders mountains Italy

… we find a place to park and we’re on the radio.

sky-rail Schmuders, Italy

After getting back down to ground level we see a sky-rail…

tickets for sky-rail in Schmuders, Italy

…OK, let’s get 2 tickets please…

sky-rail station Schmuders, Italy

…climb aboard our little gondolas…

Schmuders, Italy mountains

…heading up the mountain…

Karen in Schmuders sky-rail

…Karen is trying to be cool even though she is very frightened…

Schmuders sky-rail

…the village looks small from here…

Italian Alp peak

… we made it to the top of our 2nd Italian Alp peak of the day.

Martins Getrankemarkt Schmuders, Italy

Martins Getrankemarkt.
Once again back on the ground and I see this sign translating Italian to German.

Karen eating in Martins Getrankemarkt Italy

Then we go inside the shop and Karen chooses this confection.

Italian Pizza in Martins Getrankemarkt Italy

I preferred some authentic Italian Pizza

Italian Dauer at Schmuders, Italy

Italian Dauer at Schmuders, Italy

Italian Dauer at Schmuders, Italy

Italian Dauer at Schmuders, Italy.

Italian Gentry at Schmuders, Italy

Italian Gentry at Schmuders, Italy

Italian Dauer at Schmuders, Italy

Italian Dauer at Schmuders, Italy.

Beautiful Italy

Time to say good-bye to Italy. It was a fun day.

I/WJ2O and I/K2KAR QSL Card

QSL Card front
QSL Card back



With the understanding of how the CEPT Licensing Agreement works, we assigned ourselves the callsigns I/WJ2O and I/K2KAR.

Trip Statistics Report

Italy trip

We had a rental and placed the whip on the lip of the trunk.

Trip Statics Report

Italy was the 9th country of our Central Europe Trip.

Italy travel route


travel in the mountains of Northern Italy

By gondola is the way to travel in the mountains of Northern Italy.