8P – St. Philip, Barbados

Dates: 20 to 28 November 2012

Callsign: 8P9DF

8P – St. Philip, Barbados 2024-04-19T18:31:47-05:00

Staying as Surfsong

Here is the house called Surfsong. It is offered to hams for rent via Amy Beam. As you can see it’s a very big house. Plenty of room for our party of 4.

The location is on the Eastern Side which faces the Atlantic Ocean. It is quiet and far away from all the tourist items. You really need a car to get around. Bring a GPS if you have one, the roads are poorly marked (that is an understatement, they are not marked at all).

The ham shack is very nice and air conditioned (the only room in the house that is). There is always plenty of Ocean breeze to keep the rest of the house tolerable.




Our First Glimpse at Barbados


Bridgetown- The Capitol City


Jet Blue
Got us here


Airport arrival Lounge. A very new and modern airport.


Relax, instructions from Republic Bank


Out Front. Here’s where we got our rental car and waited for our other party.

Rental House


Coffee on the Ocean. This is my sister Teresa enjoying a relaxing morning java with my XYL on the villa porch.


Grocery checkout.A very short drive from the rental is this modern and well supplied grocery store.


House. From left to right: 160m dipole, all band vertical, internet transceiver, tri-bander.


Base of the 160 dipole.
This is the only antenna that worked.


Base of the Vertical.
Although this antenna turned well on all bands, it didn’t play.


Hi Jose! A shout out to Jose, N4BAA.

Beautiful Beaches


It not hard to find a beach


Nice beaches are everywhere


Many are private and secluded.



Darn, and it’s time to go home.


Back on the airplane. Here is my wife Chris all smiles as we’re well rested and heading back home.


Sad to come home.
Here is the snow in my driveway I drove through to get to my garage.

8P9DF QSL Card



Getting a License in Barbados

A U.S. ham who also resides in Barbados made all the arrangement for my license. He is a friend of the owner of the property we rented.

Click here for the full 8-page license

Below is a one page receipt that you are given . . .


Trip Statistics Report

8P9DF At His Station


Elecraft K3 TransceiverToshiba Satellite Laptop
160 Meter Dipole and the K3’s tuner

We didn’t have very good luck with the antennas. I know how hard it is to maintain antennas especially in the salty Caribbean so I don’t want to be too critical. However, I do want to explain why my score was very mediocre. The tri-bander was totally out of commission. The vertical tuned perfectly on all bands however nobody heard me. I switched to the coax fed 160m dipole which is up about 35 to 40 feet at the center and heard more stations. So, this was my only antenna for the week with the K3 tuning to the coax.

Even though this was not the optimum contesting set-up, I still had plenty of stations to work and had an enjoyable time.



It was a typical Caribbean airport scene: many planes landing at the same time, immigration was busy, and the baggage handlers were in a big hurry to get to the next passenger. This can work in your favor as the customs people tend to feel sorry for the baggage handlers so they don’t ask a lot of questions about your bags (assuming your bags look “normal”).

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Nothing like a little Irish whiskey for breakfast while waiting for your flight.


Here’s our aircraft waiting at the Gate on the JFK tarmac.