HK – Bogotá, Colombia

Dates: 7 to 10 March 2017

Callsign: HK3/WJ2O

HK – Bogotá, Colombia 2024-04-03T12:41:54-05:00
HK3/WJ2O in Bogotá, Colombia, with HK3CW.

Part of the downtown, note the bullring on the right. A tradition still kept from the Spaniards.

I visited mainland Colombia and stayed in Bogotá for a few days. I visited the city and went to the Gold Museum and some other interesting features of the city. I also had time to operate for a while at the QTH of Rob- HK3CW my tourist guide for a day.

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Gold piece from the Gold Museum in downtown Bogotá.

Bogotá or El Dorado?

Gold museum with Rob HK3Cw in Bogotá as HK3/WJ2O, in Colombia.

Gold raft. The Spaniards were after the Legend of El Dorado. Seems the legend was true as witnessed from this gold raft discovered in a small lagoon close to Bogotá. The Chieftain would cover his body in gold and plunge into the water, after which the remaining individuals would throw gold objects into the lagoon.

Having coffee with Rob HK3CW in Bogotá as HK3/WJ2O, in Colombia.

I spent the day with Rob- HK3CW. Here we are tasting that fine Colombian coffee at the Gold Museum.

In Bogotá, Colombia, having a snack at the puerta falsa.

After a short walk in the rain, passed by the Ministry of Communications and the Plaza de Bolívar we had a snack at “La Puerta Falsa” a traditional- tavern like place where we had a typical “Bogotano” breakfast.

Going shopping in Bogotá Colombia as HK3/WJ2O.

We later visited a mall in the north of Bogotá where I got some gifts for my peeps back home.

Lunch in Bogotá, Colombia, HK3CW.

Small lunch. When I saw the pig in the logo I knew I fit it.

Gold museum flight saucer in Bogotá , Colombia.

Gold piece featured at the Gold Museum in Bogotá. The tag says it is an insect but to me it looks strangely like an air craft.

Having sea food in Bogotá, Colombia.

A man needs to have protection.. Having dinner at a great seafood restaurant.


HK3/WJ2O qsl card.

Cheap QSO Cards

Licensing: The license used for San Andres (HKØ/WJ2O & 5JØNA) was good to operate from any place in Colombia. For more info on getting a license in HK click on my San Andres operation.

Ham radio license for HK3/WJ2O, in Bogotá, Colombia.

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Operating as HK3/WJ2O in Bogotá, Colombia at the QTH of Rob- HK3CW.

Here I am at Rob´s Place (HK3CW). I operated for a few hours from Bogotá. I had a pretty decent run. Notice the morse code key collection on the upper left? I put a couple in my bag… hope Rob does not miss them!


Hexbeam – 30 mt. Dipole

I traveled to Bogotá directly after our San Andres operation. A local flight despite being in the middle of the Caribbean and almost in front of Nicaragua.

Travel map to get to Bogotá, Colombia.

HK3/WJ2O, Bogat the El Dorado airport in Bogotá, Colombia.

I´ll definitely miss Colombia.