EA – Barcelona, Spain

Dates: 18 October to 2 November 2018

Callsign: EA3/WJ2O

EA – Barcelona, Spain 2024-04-03T11:14:50-05:00

The Hotel Casa Fuster


My wife and I planned a cruise that departed from Barcelona. So, we booked this hotel a couple of days early and got to know the city a little better.
One of the highlights of this trip is that I got to meet a local ham and operate his station.

The Station


Allan, EA3HSO
Here is Allan Batievsky, EA3HSO. He’s one of the loudest stations in Barcelona and a skillful operator.


Piles of qsls


Allan, EA3HSO, and Dave, WJ2O


The EA3HSO antenna farm.


With the understanding of how the CEPT Licensing Agreement works, I assigned myself the callsign EA3/WJ2O

Trip Statistics Report

Operating from Barcelona using Callsign EA3HSO


At the controls, here is EA3/WJ2O operating the home station of Allan, EA3HSO.

An Easy Route


We are using Level Airline for this easy one hop trip to Barcelona. Driving to Boston Logan Airport takes about 5 hours from my house.