V31 – Placencia, Belize

Dates: 19 to 28 November 2007

Callsign: V31DF

/V31 – Placencia, Belize
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Chris, my XYL, at the ham shack we rented from V31MD

What a wonderful place to visit! The local people are the friendliest I have met on any of my trips.

We rented the ham shack of Bob Fox, V31MD in Belize, Central America.

It is located on a peninsula off the mainland near the village of Placencia.

The Shack

I operated V31DF from Belize.

V31DF shack outside of the rental place

Station setup where II operated V31DF from Belize

Belize operating position.

 Path from the apartment to the ham radio shack.

Path to the Apartment coming from the Shack

The Apartment

Entrace of the partment we rented in Belize, Central America.

Apartment entrance

Front porch of the rental place we had in Belize.

Apartment porch

Apartmente kitchen at our rental in Belize operating as V21DF.



V31DF 6 meter antenna on the roof in Belize.

6 meter antenna.

Quad antenna at the rantal place we rented as V31DF.

Quad antenna.

Vertical antenna setup in Belize for my V31DF DXp.

Vertical antenna

The Village of Placencia

Fisherman viilage of Placencia en Belize.

Village of Placencia.

Placencia a small fisheman village in Belize.

Another perspective of Placencia

Street vendors in Placencia , Belize.

Two small street vendors.

Restaurante in Placencia, near the beach.

Placencia Barefoot Restaurant

Barman and woman at the bar at the barefoot bar in Placencia Belize.

The bar at the barefoot bar in Placencia, Belize.

Having dinner at at local resturant in Placencia, Belize.

Dinner out

Going Home

Terminal at the Belize airport.

Airport terminal

Airmort waiting room at the Belize airport.

Chris, my XYL seated at the airport waiting room.

Plane ready on the tarmac.

I guess you really can call it a “puddle jumper” when it’s sitting in a puddle.

Seted on the plane and ready for departure.

Inside the aircraft

Aerial view of Placencia in Belize.

The village of Placencia from the air.

Termianl at the Belize airport.

Airport terminal

V31DF QSL Card Front

V31DF qsl card front.

V31DF QSL Card Back

V31DF qsl card back.