HI – Dominican Republic

Dates: 13 to 20 February 2019

Callsign: HI3/WJ2O

/HI – Dominican Republic
HI – Dominican Republic 2019-03-16T18:42:33-05:00
Dave and Chris on the beach the The Casa Colonial

My XYL, Chris, and I spent 7 days at The Casa Colonial. This 5 Star hotel is within a well developed hotel district with a nice beach.

Puerto Plata is a tourist city located on the North Shore of the Island of Hispaniola. The Dominican Republic shares this island with it’s neighbor Haiti.


The front door at The Casa Colonial, Puerto Plata

Teddy’s “Shack”

HI3T Ham Shack
Here’s Teddy, HI3T, getting everything set up for the contest.

His shack is downstairs. Just negotiate this circular staircase.
Staircase to HI3T's shack.

HI3T Operating Award Plaques
Many contest award plaques adorn the walls highlighting Teddy’s operating skills.


HI3T Dining Room Selfie
Here we are in his dining room. Teddy just finished feeding me a wonderful traditional Dominican Republic meal.

Standing out in front of his beautiful home.
Out front of HI3T's home

Day Tour Around the City

Puerto Plata Tour
Our first stop is at the Brugal Rum factory.

Mix moonshine and mash and stir well. Put it in a barrel and forget about it.
Puerto Plata Tour

Puerto Plata Tour
Aging in a barrel causes the color to get darker over the years.

Central Park in downtown Puerto Plata.
Puerto Plata Tour

Puerto Plata Tour
Visiting the cigar factory.

I’m helping them with taking inventory.
Puerto Plata Tour

Puerto Plata Tour
I local band plays while waiting for our sky ride.

Here comes the cable car to take us.
Puerto Plata Tour

Puerto Plata Tour
Looking North over the Carribbean Sea towards the U.S.A.

Giving Jesus a ride.
Puerto Plata Tour

Puerto Plata Tour
Back down the hill.

Dominican Republic Gentry/Dauer

Dominican Republic Gentry
Dominican Republic Gentry

Dominican Republic Dauer
Dominican Republic Dauer

HI3/WJ2O QSL Card Front

HI3/WJ2O Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic QSL card front

HI3/WJ2O QSL Card Back

HI3/WJ2O Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic QSL card back

QSL produced by: Randy, KB3IFH

QSL Via: Ken, N2ZN

Here’s my license received from the authorities at Instituto Dominicano de las Telecommunicaciones.

Ham Radio License to operate WJ2O/HI.

Dave operating at HI6T

I participated in the ARRL DX CW Contest from the home of Teddy, HI6T, who lives in the heart of Puerto Plata.

17 hours of operating time was all I put together.


HI3/WJ2O Raw Score

Traveling to Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, WJ2O Travel.

Jet Blue Airlines is taking us all the way with a quick stop in Boston. 

Boston Airport Tarmac

Rather cold at Boston Logan International Airport this morning.

It is more than an hour’s drive over the mountains from Santiago Airport (Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport) to Puerto Plata.