VP9 – Southampton, Bermuda

Dates: 24 to 31 May 1995

Callsign: WJ2O/VP9

VP9 – Southampton, Bermuda 2024-04-17T22:24:47-05:00


Munro Beach Cottages
P.O. Box SN 99
Southampton SN BX Bermuda
Phone: (809) 234-1175
Manager: K Dawn Sharp

This place has a small group of cottages facing the ocean on the Southwest side of the island. There is a rather large hill directly to the north of you that isn’t much help. The manager is very accommodating toward ham radio as they experience a visit from “one of us” about every two years. They recalled a ham that was visiting previously that simply strung a wire between two of the buildings and won the Bermuda Contest. They were careful on selecting the highest cottage so I could secure the best possible propagation. Also, the handyman was more than helpful, ready to give assistance or loan any necessary tools.

Munro Beach Cottages

Munro Beach Cottages

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle

View of the Island.

Chris in helmet

Chris in helmet. Ready for the moped!

WJ2O on barmuda island

Taking a short break form all the hard work looking at the sea.

Bermuda cottages

Bermuda cottages.

HF6V Butternut antenna

HF6V Butternut antenna

Barmuda Island Beach

Great view of the beach.

Queen of Bermuda Bell

Queen of Bermuda Bell

Statue of Poseidon

Statue of Poseidon, Master of the Sea and Chris, my XYL.

Cruise liner docked in Southampton Bermuda

Cruise liner docked in Southampton Bermuda

Dave, WJ2O operating

Dave, WJ2O, very serious… ham radio DXps are a very serious business!

Moped parking lot

Moped parking lot.

Bermuda traffic cop

Bermuda traffic cop in Bermudas…

Bar in downtown Bermuda

Bar in downtown Bermuda

Beds on our Bermuda cottage

Beds on our Bermuda cottage


WJ2O/VP9 QSL Card front
WJ2O/VP9 QSL Card back

Getting a license is easy. Send a fax to the Department of Telecommunications. I simply wrote, “I wish to obtain a permit to operate a ham radio station from your country.” I gave them the dates of operation and where I was staying also I included a copy of my current license. They must handle their requests the same day they arrive as within a matter of a few days the license appears in your mail box. Free, no charge! Barefoot is the name of the game…there is a 150 watt power input limitation to visitors.

In case you do have trouble you can write or call:
Department of Telecommunications
P.O. Box HM 101
Hamilton HM AX

Phone: (809) 295-1462
Fax: (809) 292-4595


Kenwood TS-940 Transceiver
486-DX Laptop
Heathkit Micromatic Keyer
Butternut Vertical

What About Bob?
Be sure to check with Bob, WB2YQH. He is the most knowledgeable US resident regarding ham operations in Bermuda. He can help with any questions you may have plus he will list your DXpedition in his weekly bulletin call 59(9) DX Report, also he will be sure to work you.

Bob Nadolny, WB2YQH
P.O. Box 73
Spring Brook NY 14140 USA
Phone: (716) 674-3060

WJ2O equipment

Island Transportation:

Rent a moped. It is the acceptable form of transportation on the island. Rental offices are everywhere on the island. If you call one, they will come and pick you up. You are required to show that you can handle a bike, so most offices have a little test track that you will be “checked-out” on. I had a moped for the entire visit which cost just under $200 including the insurance. Traffic on the island is quite brisk and driving is on the left which can add to the confusion until you get used to it.

Southampton, Bermuda