C6A – Abaco Island, Bahamas

Dates: 20 to 26 November 1991

Callsign: WJ2O/C6A

C6A – Abaco Island, Bahamas 2024-04-02T18:31:29-05:00

Abaco Islands

Our accommodations were at the 2nd home of Steve Rutledge, N4JQQ. He used to rent a very nice two bedroom, 2 bath cottage that came complete with a ham station. I communicated with Steve in February 2006, and he told me that he sold this site.
Abaco Island is a stark contrast to Paradise Island. It is a very non-commercial, laid back and relaxing place to visit.
It was the easiest way to go on a Dxpedition that I knew at the time. Cheap airfare from most points in the US, a station already waiting for you and reasonable rental rates.
When you get a cab at the airport, you didn’t need to worry about directions. I just told them I’m a ham radio operator and they knew right where Steve’s place was. An interesting note is out by the airport I was surprised to find pine trees (I expected palm).


Bahama Beach

Pathway to the beach

Pathway to the beach.

Bahama beach

Bahama beach.


Relaxation Time

Chris relaxing

Chris, my XYL, relaxing.

Enjoying the view

Enjoying the view


Steve’s Cottage

Inside Steve´s Cottage

Inside Steve´s Cottage


WJ2O Time


Hamming it up!


Antenna. If you look closely you can see part of the antenna.


Time To Leave

Chris and karen at airport

Chris (MY XYL) and Karen (K2KAR)
Waiting on an airplane!


QSL Front
QSL Back

Bahamian Ham License

They have an application that should be filled out and sent along with photocopies of your birth certificate and FCC license. Also enclose the annual fee of $6.00 US (which also happens to be $6.00 Bahamian).
The address is:
Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation
P.O. Box N-3048
Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: 809-323-4911
Fax: 809-326-7474

Locally the licensing authority is known as Batelco for short. The application is available from either them or the ARRL.



Trip Statistics Report

Small Accomodations


Kenwood TS-940 Transceiver
Tandy 1400 HD Laptop Computer
Heathkit Micromatic Keyer
Cushcraft R5 Vertical


Telecommunications Authority of Fiji provided a license to operate 3D2FD.


The customs official on Treasure Cay was very friendly. He was familiar with ham radio, the cottage I was staying at, as well as Steve (N4JQQ), the owner. No problem, they know all us Americans are honest…right?!?!

On the road to Steve’s cottage

On the road to Steve’s cottage.