HP – Volcán, Panama

Dates: 7 to 12 January 2016

Callsign: HP3/WJ2O

HP – Volcán, Panama 2024-04-03T12:51:19-05:00

A visit to Casa Jay

I had a very enjoyable visit to Casa Jay, HP3AK. Only having a few days, I spent them concentrating on the low bands.The weather was beautiful every day and the countryside offers many picturesque views.Jay offers his ham shack which includes a place to sleep for rent. He has a full amplified station and an assortment of antennas. Besides shuttle service to and from the airport, we toured the countryside to the many available restaurants. You can contact him via E-mail: HP3AK@JayMills.com.

Jay with his dogs

You have to like dogs if you’re going to visit and Jay has a wonderful family of them. Jay with his dogs, Rex, Sol and Luna.

Getting There

Flight to Panama City

So Far So Good. I’ve made my first hop from Syracuse to Newark. Enjoying a libation while waiting for my overnight flight to Panama City.

Flight to David

Panama in the Morning. Now all I have to do is get on this flight to David.

Arrived in David

Here we are. Just arrived in David.

My first glimpse of Jay

Here’s Jay Waiting. My first glimpse of Jay as I was in the baggage room.

The Station

working in the shack

Plug ‘n Play. I just come into the shack, plug in my K3 and laptop and I’m on the air in minutes.

working in the shack

Here’s the other angle

Amplifiers in the shack

Amplifiers. Plenty of RF here


Jay tuning the cage antenna

Working Hard. Here’s Jay tuning the 160m cage antenna.

Antenna Tower 1

Tower 1. SteppIR for 20 through 6 meter and the 160m cage.

Antenna Tower 2

Tower 2.
2 Elements on 40 and 4 on 6 meters. cage.

Delta Loop of towers

Delta Loop. I stole this image from Jay’s QRZ.com page.

About Town

Grocery store in Volcan, Panama

Grocery shopping.
A fully stocked grocery store as you would expect at home.

La Carbonera Restaurante in Volcan, Panama

La Carbonera Restaurante. Quite an assortment of fine restaurants.

Mana Restaurante in Volcan, Panama

Mana Restaurante

local lager jay

Enjoy. Excellent local lager.

Dave, WJ2O and Jay, HP3AK

Dave, WJ2O and Jay, HP3AK.

Kirby, KC1BSJ and Azel, WDØCAE

Lots of hams live here. Kirby, KC1BSJ and Azel, WDØCAE.

Rex and I

Rex and I.

Ever Important Ham Radio Poses

Ham Radio Pose The Gentry

The Gentry

Ham Radio Pose The Dauer

The Dauer


QSL Card Front
QSL Card Back



I used the same IARP that was issued by the ARRL for my 9Y (Trinidad) trip.To learn more about IARP licensing go to the ARRL website by following this link http://www.arrl.org/iarp

For operations in Panama I also had to submit a request to the licensing authorities there.Then in return I was sent my authorization.

Traveling to Panama

travel route

The usual first leg of every trip is getting out of New York. During this trip it required that I drive to our local Syracuse Hancock International Airport. Then board a small jet to get to Newark International Airport in New Jersey.

travel route to panama

Because you can’t get a late flight to David from Panama City you either have to spend the night in Panama City or do what I did. I took an overnight flight from Newark so I show up in Panama first thing in the morning. Once in David I was picked up by my host and we are off to Volcán.

Panama map