LU – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dates: 15 to 17 September 1995

Callsign: WJ2O/LU

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Hotel Crillón in Buenos Aires

Hotel Crillón in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hotel Crillón
Avenida Santa Fe 796
1059 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: 541-312-8181
Fax: 541-312-9955

This is an older hotel right in the heart of the city. Crillon is pronouced like cre-shone in Argentinean accent, Cre-own in neutral Spanish.

From my window on the seventh floor I was completely surrounded by other buildings. I placed the Hustler mobile whips out the window and heard absolutely nothing. I decided this wasn’t a hotel for hamming and spent more time sightseeing.

Argentina Radio Club

Argentina Radio Club front entrance

Very impressive front entrance. The address is 1424 Carlos Calvo.

Ahtena on the top of Argentina Radio Club

Antennas. The dipoles where strung across the street and attached to the buildings there.

Bulletin board in Argentina Radio Club

Bulletin board. Inside the club.


Around Town

Avenida Nueve de Julio

9th of July Avenue
Avenida Nueve de Julio is the main thoroughfare in Buenos Aires. That date is significant as their independence day in 1816. The street is also famous as it is the widest in the world measuring 144 meters.

Buenos Aires

Times square? Many of the buildings along the 9th of July Avenue light up at night resembling Times Square in New York City.

The center of Buenos Aires

Oblask. This is the center of Buenos Aires which is marked by an Obelisk that was built in 1936. It commemorates 300 years since the first settlement.

Street Artisan in center of Buenos Aires

Street Artisan. I purchased a drawing from her.

Buenos Aires city construction

New construction. There was a lot happening in this city!

The president house in Buenos Aires

The President’s house. The flag is up which means the president is in.

Statue in Buenos Aires

Statue. I previously had thought Iceland had a lot of statues. But here in Buenos Aires there is a statue to symbolize most anything.

Human statue in Buenos Aires

Human Statue

A Tall Ship

Tall ship.

Street musician in Buenos Aires

Street musicians



Airport of Buenos Aires

Airport From Tarmac. Sorry for the bad focus.

Inside airport of Buenos Aires

Inside, A gate waiting area inside the terminal

Airplane on Buenos Aires airport

The plain to Miami. Aerolinas Argentinas only 8 hours to Miami.


QSL Card front
QSL Card back


You can get an application from the ARRL.

It just asks basic information that you send to:
Radio Club Argentino
Carlos Calvo 1424
1102 Buenos Aires

The club is the national amateur radio society in Argentina, and it mediates between the applicant and the administration for smooth issuance of a permit. My stay in Argentina was a last minute addition to my trip so I didn’t apply until the 4th of August. The permit was dated 5 September and my office had it shortly thereafter. As I was already on my trip at this point I had my office fax a copy to me.

 Trip Statistics Report


Operating system in Buenos Aires

Kenwood TS-940 Transceiver
486-DX laptop
Heathkit Micromatic Keyer
Hustler mobile whips

Operating system

Customs had me open my cases. They said something in Spanish and all I could respond was “Radioaficionado” (Radio Amateur) which seemed to work as they waved me through.



I took a Aerolineas Argentinas flight from Miami. It was only 8 hours to Buenos Aires.

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