ZF – Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands

Dates: 12 to 19 February 2014

Callsign: ZF2DF

ZF – Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands 2024-04-17T22:36:05-05:00

Our accommodations were at the Christopher Columbus.

Christopher Columbus

The Christopher Columbus.

Cayman Islands, getting around

Abacus Restaurant

Abacus Restaurant

Dave with the ocean

Dave with the ocean. This is just like being in New York.

Vertical antenna

Vertical antenna

Beach in Cayman Islands

One of many beautiful beaches in Cayman Islands.

Beach Rules in Cayman Islands

Beach rules: The shade cabanas and the beach chairs are for the pleasure and use of all our guests. They are to be shared by all and may not be reserved in advance. Thank you for your cooperation.

Alissta Towers

View from our balcony in the Alissta Towers.


ZF2DF QSL Card front
ZF2DF QSL Card back

Alissta Towers in Cayman Islands

Alissta Towers in Cayman Islands


Dave WJ2O Operating Equipment

Equipment ready and tested before the trip.

ARRL DX Contest

Travel Route